Dec. 23, 2021

SMIFF Hall of Fame: THE MATRIX | Episode 12

SMIFF Hall of Fame: THE MATRIX | Episode 12

Shawn and the Dans talk about one of the greatest movies of all time: THE MATRIX.

The Matrix: Resurrections is almost here! In honor of the upcoming release, Shawn and returning guests Dan Rice and Dan Kalwhite talk about the movie that started it all: The Matrix. The discussion covers how they were all introduced to the film, what makes it great, what makes it cool, and what has allowed it to retain such a strong presence in pop culture. 

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Daniel Kalwhite


Over the last 11 years Danny Kalwhite has shared the stage with some of the funniest people in comedy (Sam Morril, Kyle Kinane, T.J. Miller, Big Jay Oakerson, Sebastian Maniscalco, Rachel Feinstein & Mark Normand to name a few)

He'd love a chance to make you laugh and hopes that you won't be disappointed by his dirty sneakers.

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