People Get READy: A Safe Space Series

People Get READy: A Safe Space Series

This is a podcast that features conversations with authors of newly released or timely/topical books.

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June 23, 2021

Male vs. Man with Dondre T. Whitfield

As part of its Safe Space Series, People Get READy presents a Book Talk with Dondré T. Whitfield star of the hit show Queen Sugar…

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About the Host

Delores S. Williams


Delores S. Williams is the Co-founder and Co-Owner of People Get READy in New Haven,
Connecticut. People Get READy is a neighborhood bookspace that is grounded in respect for the
dignity of all beings, the importance of reciprocal relations, and the transformative power of radical
love. It is a place to purchase, yes, but also encounter, trade, talk about, and fall in love with books,
especially books for children, youth, and "reluctant" readers and books that might not be as easily
found elsewhere, such as books by authors of color, Indigenous authors, LGBTQIA authors,
bi/multilingual authors, local authors, and poets of all kinds. She was born and raised in New Haven,
Connecticut, and graduated Cum Laude from Northeastern University in 2006 with a Bachelor of
Arts in Psychology. Delores is particularly interested in creating Safe Spaces for women and mothers of color to have authentic conversations around important subjects paired with books. She is a joy and anti-racist reading advocate. She is a lover of affirmations, meditation, and self-care energy work. She is
the wife of a fellow Northeastern Alumni of the College of Engineering, mother to two free black
children, daughter of two late, book-loving, community activists and great granddaughter to members of the Black Consciousness Movement of the 1960s. Last but not least, she is a licensed Real Estate Agent and a public school advocate who works in her community to ensure that every child has the right to a free and joy-filled public education.

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People Get READy: A Safe Space Series

This is a podcast that features conversations with authors of newly released or timely/to…

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