Dec. 16, 2021



I have a conversation with Tere Luna - a Mexican singer and folk dancer who is making her dreams come true and breaking down walls.

Today I interviewed Tere Luna about her life, journey & family from her upbringing in a musical family and how those roots influenced her musical career. We unpacked how she teaches unconditional love, as a school music teacher, and about how she uses music and food to teach young people how to embrace other cultures.


We share our experiences from our PreHispanic Dialectic Roots, the parallels both today and growing up. We talk about how more people seem ready to accept things like “El Dia de los Muertos”, because of representation like the movie Coco as well as work that Latin women like her have been doing for their entire career. 

Tere LunaProfile Photo

Tere Luna

Tere Luna Singer and Mexican Folkloric Dancer

Tere Luna nurtured her artistic talents at an early age while growing up in her native México. These talents were always very connected with family and the beauty and richness of Mexican culture. Tere often recalls the family gatherings where great music, food, and traditions served as breeding ground for her artistic aspirations. There she learned romantic songs that sparked her imagination and profound passion for music and dance. Even then, she dreamt of being a performer; this motivated her to study voice and dance.

When asked about the composers and singers who inspired her, she alludes to such great Mexican composers as Armando Manzanero, Álvaro Carrillo, Roberto Cantoral, Consuelo Velázquez, Maria Grever, and José Antonio Méndez, among others, as well as such iconic interpreters as Guadalupe Pineda, Chavela Vargas, Los Panchos, Vicki Carr, José José, Juan Gabriel, and Luis Miguel, among others.

Tere Luna enjoys most musical genres, but the romantic BOLERO is her genre of preference. When asked about her passion for this romantic genre, Tere says, “the Bolero is a key to the deepest emotions of one’s soul. Its musical cadence and lyrics also have a way of evoking the most romantic and pleasant memories of love. The Bolero celebrates life and love in both its happiest and saddest of moments.”

Tere’s first CD single – Sin tu amor muere mi alma (PIRAM Records) – was released in 2017. It is available for downstream or purchase in My Store.

But her lifelong dream has just come true, as she released her first full-length CD, Romántica (Luna Records Ltd. and Alternativa Representa) in October 2021. Check out My Store to purchase track downloads or the newly released CD!