July 7, 2021

Pride of identity | Episode 7

Pride of identity | Episode 7

Alan Vazquez is a drag queen (azulaquirio). At the age of 20 he talks to us about how to be proud of who he is.
And the huevos he has...

Alan vazquez calls himself "azulaquirio" - a drag queen. He tells us how he grew up in New Haven, CT and how his childhood was full of abuse at school. He speaks of how he had to defend himself and his identity as drag. We speak of how he is accepting who he is, understanding his gender and his journey into performing in drag. 

We discuss how being a muxe in the small indigenous town Juchitan in Oaxaca Mexico is being recognized as third gender.

This conversation happened at the end of Pride Month. We want to recognize this community and their desire to live free of

gender norms and creating spaces for non-binary individuals.

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