Oct. 10, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Women Empowerment | Episode 8

Hispanic Heritage Women Empowerment | Episode 8

Two guests from Latinx roots speaking on community help and representation.

Alma Mendoza, a young journalist and writes for The New Arts Paper published by The New Haven Arts Council. Alma speaks about her dreams, advocacy, and the roots she represents. Her journalistic work focuses mostly on articles that are based on the Latinx community. She hopes to one day be an immigration lawyer and make a change in the system for undocumented families. 


Steffi Frias, Mrs. Senora Connecticut 2021-2022, is of Dominican descent. She is also an organizer at CSEA SEIU Local 2001. She aspires to be a doorway for empowering women. She believes that as moms, we need to guide ourselves and erase those stereotypical standards.  As women, daughters, and moms we need to empower and uplift ourselves.