Nov. 18, 2021

A Monster Called Breast Cancer | S1E9

A Monster Called Breast Cancer | S1E9

In this episode, Alma & I speak with Lizzavetta about our experiences with breast cancer and feeling support, and access to healthcare.

Lizzavetta, mother teacher survivor, model, & miss USA hopeful joins us today as we talk about surviving Cancer and the mental impact that dealing with the news can bring upon you.
Don't let depression take you down. 

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Lizavetta Novoa

Professional model international

I was born in Mexico in a small town named Los Reyes Michoacan, I came to this country when I was 17 to reunite with my parents and sisters. After a few months, I met my husband, got married, and eventually had three children. I also opened my own small business. Three years and two months ago, I got diagnosed with breast Cancer; It completely changed my life. When I found out, I felt that my life had paused, and I realized I let time pass without doing what I dreamt of doing most, after 3 long surgeries and painful treatments, I felt like I was reborn, and I started doing what I loved most. I learned that you need to live and not just survive.

I became a professional model and allowed myself to participate in MRS. Sr. Connecticut, in which I placed 3rd place, and then I participated in MRS. Glamour international and won the Crown (1st Place). My goal is to inspire all women, just because we are going through this painful sickness or other hard experiences in life doesn't mean we have to give up, because we can be mothers, wives, and powerful women that stand for what we want. As long as we put our minds into it, we can accomplish anything.