That's my MAN! | Episode 10

We will have a riveting conversation with Abdul Rahmaan I. Muhammad who shares how
the Manhood Tree Program has allowed men to become victorious in life as they unmask and reveal the naked truth about
life, interruptions, and relationships.

Abdul is the Director of My Peoples Clinical Services and creator of The
Manhood Tree and Fathers' MANologues. Through inspirational conversation
he shares why he is invested in supporting men to unmask from the all the
expectations of the world, work, and relationships, as they journey to be free
of unrealistic expectations and find their true selves.
We discuss fatherhood and hear about a few unspoken expectations that are
placed upon men. Abdul engages us in real dialogue about his personal life
interruptions, relationships, false expectations, and the pedestals others try to
position men on.
The Fathers' MANologues has served as a creative therapy and place where
men feel safe to share and voice their concerns. The participants in the
program long to finally hear the magic words...
"That’s my son! That’s my
Daddy! That’s my man!"