Take it Back | Episode 4

A mother hears another black man was shot at the same time and in the same vicinity of the establishment in Hamden, CT where her son was murdered - by mistaken identity.
She decides to no longer remain numb to the repeated gun violence and criminal activities
surrounding that restaurant.
This news triggered a different response and springs her into action.

She reaches out to
CONECT Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut (a broad based organization of
which she is a member), Hamden Police and the Mayor’s Office to assist CONECT in finding a
way to stop the violence and prevent another mother from waking up to a 1:30am phone call
which began unfolding the layers of trauma that socially and emotionally cripple a family and their

With the additional support of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. New Haven Alumnae Chapter,
local Black Churches, Southern Connecticut State University and the Hamden residents,
the call to action began. Hear the process of how the lawyer, also a member of CONECT,
volunteered his time and the detective assigned to her son’s case, aided this community to
submit a petition to the Liquor Control Division in efforts to cancel their liquor license which led to
their closure.

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