Rooted in Wellness | Episode 24

Can I find my true passion in this new phase of my adult life and
be happy?

Owner of a newly opened shop called Bloom in New Haven, CT. Bloom is a
vibrant shop in the Westville community. Meet the owner Alisha as she
shares her story growing up in Boston to a single parent in Orchard
Park, and Mission Hill, receiving a scholarship to private schools in
Brookline, MA and attending college at Amhurst. As a young creative
woman Alisha relocates to NY and creates a career as a stylist in the
music industry - traveling the world and gaining fame and notoriety. Her
life was INTERRUPTED by false love which caused her to return to New York
and reclaim herself and life. Her journey caused her relocation to Harlem
and finding true love, marriage, and motherhood. Her life was progressing nicely...

And then the pandemic!

Committed to self and family, Alisha creatively develops and opens
Bloom. Listen to how the idea and the small local store has brought wellness to Alisha and all who visit it.