June 13, 2021

Time to Heal by Defying the Lie! | Episode 23

Can we become emotionally emancipated and have the luxury of ordinary human problems? Can we be free of the additional burdens and pains of being Black in an anti-Black world?

Enola G. Aird is an activist mother. A former corporate lawyer. She was born in the Republic of Panama, of Caribbean heritage, and attributes much of her vision and passion for the movement for emotional emancipation to stories passed down in her family about her great-grandfather, Samuel Alleyne, a loyal follower of Marcus Garvey.


Enola shares the framework of the Emotional Emancipation Circles (EE Circles, EECs) are evidence-informed, psychologically sound, culturally grounded, and community-defined self-help support groups designed to help heal, and end, the trauma caused by the root cause of anti-Black racism: the centuries-old lie of White superiority and Black inferiority. 

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