Sept. 30, 2022

Parking Lot Series #5 | Episode 41

Parking Lot Series focuses on topics raised during the Community Trainings that warrant attention outside the in person training.

Tonya Johnson, Body Builder in the past struggled with her weight. As many did during covid, she gained weight and her health self-esteem began to suffer.

When it was time, Tonya began to change her outlook and found a coach she connected with. Soon after, her coached lost his life. Struggling with the loss of her friend and coach, Tonya found Fulton Fitness. There she took on her new journey of balanced meals and body building.

Hear this amazing story how Tonya began her new journey.

Tonya N. JohnsonProfile Photo

Tonya N. Johnson

Analyst II

I am a computer programmer by trade who has always had a love for fitness. I have always been into working out and trying to stay healthy. In 2016, after being away from fitness for a while, I started walking/running with Black Girls Run. After a few months, I started feeling like I wanted more so I began weight lifting. Now I compete in WNBF/INBF Bikini competitions.