March 26, 2022

Interruptions Red Carpet - Tell Me What You Want- Part 3 | Episode 33

The finale of the red carpet interviews we welcome cousin Darsweil Rogers the insightful HBCU alumni who enforces Odell to change.

Interruptions Red Carpet is a 3-part series where we meet some of characters from the book that shaped the lives of the Cooper family and were with them during this Interruption. In each episode, Coach Cathy and Rev. O dare to invite the stories from characters themselves. You will hear stories that are tearful, heartfelt and often hilarious. 

In this finale of the Red Carpet interviews we welcome cousin Darsweil Rogers -- the insightful HBCU alumni who enforces Odell to change. Cousin Darseil and Howard University Alumni mandates that Odell experience the HBCU experience to enrich her learning and exposure to a cultural college experience. Listen to his reasons and Odell’s challenges to adjust as a transfer student from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY to Washington D.C. 

Talk about an Interruption - This is It!

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Darsweil Rogers

Student of the Human Condition

Darsweil is an entrepreneur, executive and “Student of the Human Condition”. Through the use of neuroscience, neurolinguistic programing and agile business practice he is advising and training, individuals, leadership teams and organizations to succeed in the current environments of complexity and uncertainty. Darsweil’s background is 24 years working for a major Wall Street firm. Owning an advisory, training and coaching firm and co-owning a Caribbean restaurant with his son, RanDe. A graduate of Howard University, he is also certified in behavioral and driving forces analysis and Emotional Intelligence.