Nov. 27, 2021

"Interruptions: Disrupting the Silence" book talk, moderated by Michelle Turner - Episode 27

Join Rev O, her daughter Jackie and friends in a discussion at the release of her new book.

Recorded Live @ People Get READy Bookstore 10/24/2021

Interruptions is a true story that details Rev. O's journey after her son, Jonathan, was murdered in a case of mistaken identity, becoming another victim of gun violence. This "interruption" in Rev. O's life ignited a domino effect of PTSD, depression, and grief compounded by a subsequent loss of employment, detachment from relationships, addition, and suicidal ideation. This whirlwind of experiences eventually triggered a brain aneurysm, leaving her in such dire straits that her doctors suggested her family begin planning for a funeral.

Rev. O shares how she emerged resilient in her struggle to overcome her physical maladies, family traditions, cultural and societal stigmas, and racial and economic disparities about mental health. She discovers a way to reinvent herself through her faith, learned experiences, and network of support.