July 23, 2020

How Did I Get Here Part II | Episode 6

How Did I Get Here Part II | Episode 6

We focused on the stages of grief and trauma in this family’s life and how they questioned if God was listening. Hear what they discovered.

We witnessed the unfolding of the layers of trauma that socially and emotionally crippled this family and their friends; the domino-effect of consequences that unfolded in the wake of that fateful night her son was murdered. 

As an ordained minister, the mother felt an emotional conflict between her family's inherited traditions of their faith practices and Christian language that did not help to lessen her anger and hostility. As a servant of the Gospel, the mother took God’s lack of intervention personally. ONLY to discover, four years later that God was always present, always intervening and had a plan for this servant's life. The mother has learned to reinvent herself and has emerged as a playwright, author and continues to be an advocate not only in her community but to a global audience. 

In today's podcast we asks again, "How did I get here?", and the response is, only through the Grace of God. We meet another servant of God that played a special role in the mother's healing and reconciling with God.