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Scott Thumma

Professor, Director of Hartford Institute for Religion Research

Scott Thumma is Professor of Sociology of Religion and director of Hartford Institute for Religion Research, Hartford International University. He has published numerous articles, research reports, and chapters in addition to 3 books, The Other 80 Percent, Beyond Megachurch Myths, and Gay Religion. Scott has written on megachurches, gay religious life, nondenominationalism, Internet technology in churches, and the changing religious landscape. He is Principal Investigator for 5-year Lilly Endowment grant studying the impact of the pandemic on churches, a Thriving in Ministry grant, and the Faith Communities Today project. Additionally, he has conducted 7 studies of megachurches and 3 studies of nondenominational churches.

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Parking Lot Series #1 | Episode 37

June 19, 2022

This episode we focus on the change in direction of some churches to now take on the issues of Mental Health and Emotional Wellness in their congregations. Parking Lot Series focuses on topics raised during the Community…