May 14, 2022

Don’t Forget The Men | Episode 36

Don’t Forget The Men | Episode 36

Focus on health inequities and their impact in the African American Communities especially from the perspective of a Man, Father, Husband.

Health inequities continue to prevail in the African American communities. Despite economic or social status, people of color are too often treated differently among medical institutions and professionals.


The impact of that treatment can have devastating impacts among those treated unfairly. While women are more vocal about this treatment, we tend to forget to listen and encourage the voice of men when they bare witness to a loved one being on the receiving end of treatment, and feeling the sense of helplessness addressing their care.


Hear the story of one young man whose sense of fear, anger, and doubt left him with a sense of not wanting any more children after he watched his wife suffer insurmountable pain during the birth experience of their child.