March 20, 2021

Don't Change My Name | Episode 19

Raised as an only child, Rev.Dr. Marcia Clinkscales has been educating, empowering and ministering to women through successful careers and life, only to discover siblings she never knew she had and now who are changing her life.

We welcome Rev. Marcia Clinkscales as we honor and recognize Women’s History Month. She has been instrumental in educatingand empowering women to thrive in careers, earn their doctorate degree and become changers of the world.

Rev. Clinkscales was raised as an only child, she thought, until one day, she learned from one of her doctoral students researchon her father, that she in fact was not an only child. The students' discovery led her to locate siblings: 2 brothers, and 1 sister and ahost of nieces and nephews. Listen and watch as Dr. Clinkscales speaks with her, look a-like, biological sister whose lives match in their career paths as well as educational journey’s.

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