June 18, 2020

A Thought is Born | Episode 1

After going through many life shattering events, Odell is defining her journey through reinventing herself.

On a warm sunny day, family friend Jonathan is enroute to a political fundraiser and notices Odell sitting in her front yard. Wanting to do a check in with her since the loss of her son the previous year. He begins a casual conversation. Odell is reluctant to discuss her grief regarding her loss and even more, hesitant since she doubts that Jonathan has knowledge of the recent brain aneurysm she suffered. Instead through her journey of trauma therapy she has learned to define her present status as a reinvention of self. Her response piques Jonathan's interest as Odell responds by sharing details of the last seven months. As Odell begins to unfold the truth of the traumatic events, network of support and godly interventions. He encourages her to write her story as a theatrical production to help her, family, friendsand the community through the healing process.

Special Guest: Abigail onwunali, Jonathan Q. Berryman and Alexus Coney.