July 2, 2020

A Mother's Cry | Episode 3

The initial disturbance that takes place when mothers learn about life altering changes concerning their children.

When a mother learns that her life was interrupted following her child becoming another innocent casualty of gun violence. Not only is a mother told that her son was murdered, her disbelief leads her to demand answers. Three weeks into the police investigation, the detectives confirmed that her son's murder was due to mistaken identity; therefore validating her suspicion.
"Interruptions" begins to unravel the layers of trauma that socially and emotionally cripple a family and their friends. The trauma that justifies... a mother’s cry.
In this episode, the hosts share the stories that have bonded a mother and child through joy, laughter and love. A mother’s love for her child is unwavering, through their triumphs, tragedies and struggles. We are joined and guided in our conversation by Tamja Gray, 

"Interruptions" intends to disrupt the silence of trauma and dismiss the stigmas of mental health and counseling which have allowed this mother to share and remember the joy and love of motherhood.

We bring to you... a mother's cry.