Nov. 9, 2020

You Don't Have to Believe Your Thoughts! | Episode 82

You Don't Have to Believe Your Thoughts! | Episode 82

Just because you think something, doesn't mean you have to believe it!

You don't have to believe the thoughts running through your head! This pertains to thoughts about yourself (like "I'm not enough") as well as  thoughts about others and the world. If you're not choosing your thoughts *on purpose,* especially if they're negative - think again! You don't have to believe a thought just because it's in your head (even though it sounds like your voice!).

Here are the links mentioned in the podcast:

* FREE boundaries webinar, "How to Be Grateful on Thanksgiving by Setting Healthy Boundaries"

* Pilot group coaching program starting in January, "6 Weeks to Better Boundaries with Barb"

* Medium article, "How to Upgrade Your Life by Improving Your Thought Life"

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