Jan. 25, 2021

Two Kinds of Discomfort | Episode 92

Two Kinds of Discomfort | Episode 92

There's the discomfort we have when are lives are unmanageable, and there's the discomfort we have when we're learning new healthy behaviors.

In this episode I make the distinction between things that are uncomfortable that we've learned to put up with, especially if we grew up in chaos - and things that are uncomfortable because they're new. I called this "bad" discomfort and "good" discomfort. The way to know which is which is to ask yourself - if you were to prolong the discomfort, what would happen? Would the result be more discomfort? Or would it lead to freedom or other things we get when we engage in healthy behaviors. I use a couple of real-life examples to illustrate these concept. And - I recognize it may be hard to change your behaviors, but you can do hard! "Hard" is not an excuse for not doing something! (esp. something that benefits you!).

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