April 26, 2021

How to Turn Your Life Around: From Obstacles to Detours | Episode 105

How to Turn Your Life Around: From Obstacles to Detours | Episode 105

Things that appear to be obstacles in our lives are really just detours, listen in to understand how to make that shift for yourself.

The universe is FOR you, not against you. There is wisdom in the universe beyond your understanding. When things pop up that feel like they're obstacles on your path, they're really just detours. If you think back over your life you'll see that to be true. Why wait to gain the perspective of time to realize that what you thought was an obstacle was really a detour?  You can do that now with a simple decision. Listen in to hear more.

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The other podcast episode I mentioned "Making Things Mean Things That They Don't" is #59 and can be found here: https://higherpowercc.com/2020/11/05/fragmented-to-whole-podcast-59-making-things-mean-things-that-they-dont/

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