July 7, 2021

Here's How to Leverage Those Codependent Powers for Good! | Episode 115

Here's How to Leverage Those Codependent Powers for Good! | Episode 115

Learn how to use your tendency to please others for your personal development by using an accountability partner such as a coach, sponsor, friend or therapist.

Codependent people are focused outside themselves and care what others think about them. As you're recovering from your codependent ways, you can leverage that tendency for your own good by using it with some kind of an accountability partner. In the beginning, you can use that desire to NOT let them down by committing to them about goals that further your development. Given your need to please THEM, you'll be more likely to stick to your own goals!

If you're interested in the episode I mentioned on getting over the fear of judgment, it's ep #6 and can be found here: https://higherpowercc.com/2020/11/05/fragmented-to-whole-podcast-6-fear-of-being-judged/

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