June 1, 2021

<Audio> Guest Episode - Codependency with Gail | Episode 110

<Audio> Guest Episode - Codependency with Gail | Episode 110

My guest Gail talks about her journey with codependency as "recovering her lost self" in this episode.

Gail Ferguson Jones is a recovering codependent and host of the podcast "The Buttrfly Effect" (no "e"), which is for families of addicts. She shares her experience having grown up with multiple generations of alcoholism and being married to an alcoholic. 

Gail dropped all kinds of pearls of wisdom on this show. Here are just a few gems.
  • “This is why [codependence is] also called co-addiction. Even though I didn’t have a drinking problem, I was sharing in all the chaos and dysfunction that went with it.”
  • “The pain is always the thing that makes us rethink…pain is a good thing, because otherwise I wouldn’t have changed.”
  • “HE wasn't making me lose myself, I surrendered MY OWN power. It took a few years and a diagnosis of PTSD, that turned things around for me.”
  • "When we prioritize [their drinking and behavior], it’s because we’re concerned with what other people are going to think if I abandon him now…or 'she has this great life, what’s the matter with her?'"

Here's a link to Gail's podcast on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/buttrfly-effect-podcast/id1518404338

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