CT Female Spoken Word Artists

We will welcome spoken word poets Sun Queen, Dyme Ellis, and Tymani Rain who will share their work and discuss their careers.

Sun Queen is a poet, an artist, and an inspirational messenger. On a daily basis you can find Sun on social media and in real life being nothing but pure and true to her authentic self. Sun Queen is currently in the process of writing and self-publishing a book of poetry. Many have described her work as “beautifully capturing with divine insight.” Through her passion and love for advocacy and guidance, she plans to help others be able to share their stories.

Sun is one of the co-founders of Black Lives Matter New Haven established in 2015. BLM New Haven’s mission is to demonstrate integrity through educating individuals of all ages, while helping increase their knowledge on Laws as well as their individual rights.


Dyme Ellis ( https://www.facebook.com/DemigoddessGhaya ) is a Queer Black New Haven-based organizer and artist emerging into a career as an administrator, curator, and founder. A poet, visual artist, and producer of experimental music, Dyme intentionally grounds their work in their wellbeing and re-education of marginalized groups, centering BIPOC LGBTQ- spectrum. Currently Dyme is migrating poetry from the page/stage to walls and windows, harmonizing the powers of spoken word and graffiti, thus reclaiming and declaring safe space for queer, trans, people of color in New Haven.

Tymani Rain ( https://www.facebook.com/Nala143 ) is a 23 year old all around performing artist. At 7 years old she started off playing violin, and taking African dance classes along with jazz, tap, and ballet. She did creative writing her whole life, but found her passion age 13 during her first open mic performance at the NuyoRican. Since then she has taken on the world with her lyrics. She hosts an open mic called Grown & Sexy Poetry in CT and has performed at The Black Lady Theater, Poetz Realm, Kuumba Kickback, Love Jones and many various open mics and showcases. She just hopes to enlighten and inspire with her art.