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Neil nails it!

Podcast 2 did not disappoint. Its discussion of the sorry state of baseball today is reflective of the larger struggle for fairness throughout our society, thereby reminding us of the importance of having the courage, as did A. Bartlett Giamatti, to stand up to the “snakes in the garden.”

An engaging and insightful story

Podcast 1 was engaging and insightful. Its underlying emphasis on Giamatti’s insistence on “fairness and a level playing field” in all aspects of life, including major league baseball, was made even more meaningful by the readings and observations of Giamatti by his son, Marcus. I am eagerly awaiti…

A lesson in the importance of “fairness and a level playing field.”

A confessed fan of Neil Thomas Proto’s excellent book, Fearless: A. Bartlett Giamatti and the Battle for Fairness in America, Fearless left me wanting to learn more about Giamatti’s impact on major league baseball especially as it related to the Pete Rose cheating scandal. This podcast was engaging…

Great Story-telling!

Great story-telling of the lesser known aspects of an explosive baseball scandal!

Must Listen!

Neil Proto takes the listener through the moral fiber of the decision by Commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti to ban Pete Rose from the sport of baseball. Can’t wait for more of the story in Episode Two!

Home Run

 Proto's best work yet, maximizes his skills and he surround yourself with equally talented people. The writing is sharp and can therefore draw moral and ethical distinctions, razor sharp.