Truckers are also heroes of the shutdown. Let's give them a break on the roads. 3/10/21 (S2E10)

Truckers are critical to the logistics of our nation. During the pandemic, as always, they delivered everything from testing equipment, to paper towels to vaccines. Critical.

Cousins, when you are on the road practice good truck etiquette.

When legislation comes up in your state that impacts truckers, be reasonable

-- 3.5 million truckers in the United States, independents, small businesses and large businesses
-- It takes 300 ft to stop a 80,000 lbs truck at 55 mph, an average car stops between 120 -140 from 60 mph, Do the math!!!

Truck etiquette – Bad Ideas -- driving in truckers' blind spots, cutting them off in traffic, limiting their distance on access ramps, road rage, cell phone driving in rush hour traffic, not maintaining safe distances between cars and not extending other road courtesies to truckers.

What are truckers bringing to you?

Answer: EVERYTHING American Trucking Association