The new Texas laws on abortion (S3E9) 091521

We have all heard the reports about the new Abortion Laws in Texas
Abortion is a difficult decision – to make personally and it should be a personal decision with significant input by women
Religious, moral, personal – you make the call but does it raise to the level of divisiveness for our country?
We are turning cousins against cousins -- vigilantes and fugitive slave Act as a part of the Compromise of 1850
Death penalty is legal in Texas
Mask mandates are difficult to know about the Texas position

Abortion is now decriminalized in Mexico Supreme Court
Second largest Catholic nation in the world after Brazil
Can’t access care
It is reported that the law is for working class people because if you need or want one you can go to Mexico or other parts of the united States to get the procedure

Also, let's air transport emergency crews from other states to those in need. Less time in transit, more energy on the critical restorative activities and cousins get their services back sooner. Bad idea or not?