Cousins, we need a scorecard so that we know when we win. (S2E2) 1/13/21

We have a scorecard for most things that are important. We can keep a scorecard from year to year so that we know when we are winning and losing. Here are a few ideas on what might be on the scorecard. What are your scorecard items?

Below are the items we discuss in this episode
1) Hours worked by our elected officials, what are they doing?
2) Public health measurements -- nutrition, overweight, colon cancer etc.
3) Bridges and infrastructure issues
4) Graduation rates of high school students and percentage who took calculus. Because you need calculus in order to become engineers
5) A clear discussion of the federal budget, national debt and the need for tax increases or decreases
6) Number of imprisoned cousins and for what crimes
7) Minimum wage and the wage gaps