Brown Liquor and Bad Ideas: Vote! It Matters! (S1E15)

VOTE, cousins! It matters!

In this episode Cousin Cornell, the People's Lobbyist, gives us a few of his bad ideas about voting.

Show notes:
US Voter Turnout:

Voting Tips:
- Submit your ballot and check that your vote has been counted
- Plan your vote strategy: location, water, chair, mask, social distancing
- Be aware of the issues. Does your state have initiatives or referendums?
- Voting is a job interview. They are applying for a job. Who do you want to
run your team?
- There may or may not be poll watchers. They are there to observe NOT intimidate!
- Your team may not have the best ideas for the time and situations we are
confronting but vote anyway.
- Your Secretary of State is the source of information relating to voting